Interactive, effective and fun. Specialized training to meet your needs. 
Personalized, objective and insightful. Stay focused and ensure long-term success.
Personalized, objective and insightful. Stay focused and ensure long-term success.



Discover The Edge was born from the desire of its founder, Nicole Jansen, to inspire others to be their best. Our training is based on the understanding that every person has unique strengths and gifts that, when harnessed, can produce powerful results in their life. Developing relationships with one another based on respect and appreciation of each other’s unique strengths and gifts sets the arena for increased harmony and exponential growth.


Nicole Jansen, Trainer and Coach

At an early age, Nicole made a commitment to live her best life and placed herself in an environment of continuous personal and professional growth. Throughout the last 20+ years, Nicole has gained valuable insights and experience that has helped her achieve considerable personal and professional success. She truly practices what she teaches.

With a background in business ownership, office management, teambuilding, recruitment, sales and marketing, Nicole recognizes the value of better understanding herself and others, in order to build better relationships and more effective teams. Nicole was first introduced to the DISC Model of Human Behaviour over 10 years ago and immediately began sharing and applying this information both personally and professionally. Over the years, Nicole has helped many individuals and organizations minimize conflict, increase harmony and maximize productivity and their bottom line using personality insights as a foundation for understanding.

In addition to extensive training in the areas mentioned earlier, Nicole has been personally trained and certified by Dr. Robert A. Rohm PhD, founder and chairman of Personality Insights, Inc. Dr. Rohm is a well-known educator, international speaker and has authored numerous books such as Positive Personality Profiles and Who Do You Think You Are Anyway?

Nicole’s ability to instil positive energy, encouragement and expectation into her clients makes her a highly engaging, highly effective trainer and coach. Because she is an innovator, a quick-start with a strong ability to follow-through, she helps clients get moving and stay on the track to their success, offering them encouragement and support along the way. Her primary motivating factor is positive results. However, Nicole recognizes that, while most people want positive results and to enjoy success both personally and professionally, their definition of success is as unique as they are themselves. Nicole provides the training and coaching to help her clients be their best, maximize their strengths and enjoy their journey to success and fulfillment.


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