Interactive, effective and fun. Specialized training to meet your needs. 
Personalized, objective and insightful. Stay focused and ensure long-term success.
Personalized, objective and insightful. Stay focused and ensure long-term success.



Genius is bringing the complex down to the simple. Experience tells us that unless something is simple enough for someone to understand, remember, and call to mind so that they can apply the information, it is essentially worthless. At Discover The Edge, we design our training to be simple, memorable and effective. Our approach to learning is three-fold: Discover - Experience - Apply. Every session we offer involves this transformational learning process to promote long-term results.


At Discover The Edge, our objective is to provide you with the training necessary to maximize your potential. The level of success you achieve, as an individual or as an organization, is directly determined by the value you give to others. Your ability to provide value is based on your ability to communicate and relate to others in such a way that they accept what you have to offer as valuable to them. We help our clients develop more effective communication and relational skills so that their interactions are more meaningful and productive and they enjoy greater success.


Our Raising Your PQ - DISC Mastery Series centers around raising your Personality Quotient, or your "PQ". We use the DISC Model of Human Behaviour to explain the similarities and distinctions between human beings in an objective and descriptive manner so that our clients can better understand themselves and others, in order to build better relationships and more effective teams. Developing relationships with one another based on respect and appreciation of each other’s unique strengths and gifts sets the arena for increased harmony and exponential growth.

PQ 101 Solving the People Puzzle Introduction and Overview
PQ 102 Know Yourself Individual Personality Dynamics
PQ 103 Understanding Others Interaction Dynamics
PQ 104 Building Relationships Advanced Personality Insights
PQ 105 Developing Teams Team @ Work
Needs Specific Modules
PQ 210 Conflict Resolution  
PQ 211 Presenting with Style  
PQ 212 Selling with Style  
PQ 213 Teaching with Style  
PQ 214 Parenting with Style  
PQ 215 Responsibility Dynamics / Role Assessment  
PQ 216 5 Levels of Listening  
PQ 217 Time Tips for Every Personality  
PQ 218 Interactive Case Studies  
  For more information on the DISC Model of Human Behaviour, please click here.  

The Facets of Life - Removing The Roadblocks Keeping You From Success
[Summer 2006]

These seminars and Workshops have been certified IACET in Association with Personality Insights, Inc.
Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Credits are available upon request.


The Art of Leadership and/or Discover The Leaders Edge
[Fall 2006]

To ensure the effectiveness of our training, we conduct a pre-consultation during which we gather the information necessary to personalize our training to your specific needs.

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