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Progressive businesses and entrepreneurs know that effective communications tools can move mountains. At Summit Media Group, it's our mission to develop highly tailored writing, editing and web design services to help you reach your summit.

Whether you need a full-length feature story for your magazine, a customized website that defines your business, a targeted media release to highlight your company event, or photography services for your publication, we can help.

Let Summit Media Group help you navigate the peaks and valleys of effective communication with its full complement of multimedia services.

Refresh, Revamp, Reinvent

Your current website is not carved in stone. If your online presence no longer accurately reflects your business image or your current objectives, it may be time for a digital facelift.

Summit Media Group can help you revive your current site with stimulating graphics, fresh, engaging text and vivid photography. The result will be a functional, interactive, more authentic online presence that more precisely captures your corporate vision and more effectively reaches your target audience.

Click here to find out more about maximizing your online presence.


A well-constructed website can dramatically raise your company profile, enhance your reputation and level of professionalism, and potentially catapult your business to incredible heights. At Summit Media Group, we offer our clients access to two specialists: a web designer with the ability to create comprehensive, engaging, visually striking websites; and a writer/editor, who will bring your site to life and capture your target audience with precise, provocative editorial. In addition, our broad network of multimedia affiliates means that clients benefit from a great range of skills and expertise.

Together we will work with you to build a website that captures your company's vision, effectively promotes your services or products to your desired demographic, and gives you an edge in your industry.

Website updates and redesigns:

How long have you had the same website? Does it accurately reflect your company's current vision? Is it still helping you achieve your objectives?

The website you first created may be outdated and no longer suitable. As your company or organization grows and changes, so, too, must your online presence in order for you to thrive. Your website should represent your evolving priorities, new services you offer, different projects you take on and your most current corporate image.

We offer a number of multimedia services that can help you maintain a web presence that reflects your company's current goals, its growth and/or its new identity. Once we discuss your needs, we can determine what kind of treatment your site requires: just a few design tweaks and regular text updates, an entire redesign of its image and content, or something in between. Either way, we will work to reinvigorate your website with fresh, relevant text and dynamic, inviting graphics, creating an enhanced Internet presence that more effectively reaches your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization

How hard is your website working for you? Search engine optimization is what makes the difference between a low-visibility website, and one that's found and seen by millions of people. SEO harnesses the power of the Internet to dramatically boost your presence on the web. Using the most innovative SEO techniques, we can propel your website to the top of search engine results, thereby attracting significantly more traffic to your site. More traffic means more exposure to your brand and services, and a potentially enhanced database of customers. Your optimized site is an invaluable marketing tool that puts your identity at the forefront of the web.

Summit Media Group offers Web design and SEO services to: Web solutions include:
  • Companies seeking to raise their profile and enhance sales by reaching a wider audience.
  • Organizations wanting to more effectively promote their ideas and objectives.
  • Individuals wishing to use a website to fulfil personal goals.
  • Initial consultation
  • Website design/redesign
  • Graphic design
  • Website maintenance
  • Domain name registration
  • Website hosting
  • Content development
  • Support.

Boost your corporate image, connect with new clients or reinvent your business brand with inspiring, original images by Summit Media Group. Whether it's to be featured throughout your website, peppered across the pages of your magazine or newspaper, or splashed across your promotional materials, we have the photography experience and know-how to create compelling, customized images for your project. We will collaborate with you to help you express your vision in a way that leaves a lasting impression with your desired target audience.

Kyle Rodriguez, Summit Media Group's chief photographer, has worked for clients such as Basketball Canada , the University of Guelph and Ontario Nursing. Kyle is well equipped with digital and medium-format film cameras, as well as a full range of portable studio lighting equipment, to work in many environments on a wide range of projects. His substantial photography knowledge and skills, combined with his passion for capturing vivid, provocative images, enable him to consistently exceed his client expectations.

Photography solutions can accommodate:

  • Companies and organizations seeking to enhance their websites and marketing materials.
  • Newspapers and magazines in need of fresh, enticing photography.
  • Individuals seeking personal websites, corporate headshots, engagements shoots and more.

Photography solutions can be applied to:

  • Websites
  • Magazine and newspaper stories
  • Brochures
  • Pamphlets
  • Advertorials
  • Special events
  • Product shots
  • Corporate and personal portraits

Whether you’re interested in editorial, web design, graphic design or photography services, our mission remains consistent: to get the job done right, on time and on budget. Before we begin, we’ll need to discuss the following:

Services: Are you looking for a brand new website, a website redesign, web copy, a full-length feature story, copy editing services, an advertorial, a marketing letter or portrait photography?

Objective: What specific outcomes would you like to see as a result of this project, and why?

Target Market: Who is your target audience? Entrepreneurs? Consumers? Corporate executives? The small business community?

Each editorial project is priced according to the following criteria:

  • The complexity of the assignment.
  • The time commitment involved.
  • The number of words required.
  • The amount of background research required.
  • The number of interviews and/or meetings needed.
  • The anticipated number of revisions.

Each web design or photography project is priced according to the following criteria:

  • The complexity of the assignment.
  • The time commitment involved.
  • The amount of research required.
  • The amount of meetings needed.
  • The anticipated number of reshoots/revisions.

We can charge in one of two ways:

Per-project: Based on the criteria above that has been collectively established, we will issue an accurate quote. Any work that falls outside of the defined scope of the project – extra meetings, revisions, extra words, more photos – will require further billing.

Per hour: For more open-ended projects, we shall collectively agree on an approximate number of hours and negotiate an hourly rate and a payment schedule. We can tweak the estimated of hours required as the project progresses.

Once we have established the parameters of your project and payment, we will draft a letter of agreement outlining all services to be delivered, costs, delivery date and any other pertinent information. Work will begin after you have reviewed and approved the terms of the letter.


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It’s Ellen Goldhar’s mission to be the earth-shaking catalyst that helps you transform your people power into tangible success.


TVM Property Management
The TVM Group is a property management company which embraces the philosophy of delivering high levels of service to tenants.

The United Appraisers of Ontario
Convenience. Efficiency. Cost-effectiveness.
These are the advantages that insurance companies gain when collaborating with UAO.

Admar Promotions
Leverage your logo, boost your brand recognition and communicate your corporate identity with Admar Promotions Group.
Click image to read article. *Adobe Acrobat required.

Senior Idols: Annual Jubilee puts Talent Front and Centre
Comfort Life


A Private School: With a Public Purpose Celebrates 175 Years
Our Kids Go To School


Take the stress out of Mom's day
The Toronto Sun
April 27, 2003

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The Toronto Sun
March 10, 2002
Focusing on Home Care
Comfort Life magazine
Alberta Case Thrown Out: Debate Continues on Software Titles
Engineering Dimensions
March/April 2004
Meeting the Challenges of Privacy Protection
Engineering Dimensions
January/February 2004
In the Mix
Our Kids Go To Camp
Sherway Nissan (web text)
Summer 2004
Our feature photographer, Kyle Rodriguez.

Summit Media Group co-founders Sharon Aschaiek and Cary Stein, and their network of associates, have the combined writing, editing, web design and photography skills to tackle a wide variety of communications projects.

A thriving curiosity is what has driven Sharon to successfully write about health care, travel, education, employment trends and social issues. She approaches each assignment with the goal of teasing out the most interesting and human elements, making for truly compelling stories. She has been writing feature stories and profiles for Canadian newspapers, magazines and digital publications since 1992.

While working as a special sections editor at The Toronto Sun, Sharon edited and wrote for up to eight supplements a month, including the Sun's weekly employment and education guide, Career Connection. Today, she applies her skills to an eclectic mix of projects, including profiling high-end travel destinations, developing ad copy for auto dealership websites and editing career resource books.

Sharon 's educational background includes a communications and sociology degree from York University , followed by post-graduate journalism studies at Humber College .

What Sharon brings to Summit Media Group is an affinity for writing competently on many subjects, strong editing skills, and a zeal for crafting creative communications solutions. Her range of services accommodate newspapers and magazines in need of original features and news stories, organizations requiring targeted web content and effective marketing copy, and individuals with specialized editorial needs.

The digital half of this dynamic partnership is Cary Stein, a web designer with an extensive and multifaceted history in the information technology industry.

Long before the Internet and e-mail became household names, Cary was venturing into the uncharted territory of the digital revolution that was to come. His early fascination with all things technological, and his interest in the growing opportunities presented by the IT industry, propelled him to train as a computer programmer, and later, to achieve industry certification.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, his first foray into IT was to launch and run a successful network consulting firm, AXXIS Technologies. In addition to devising highly tailored network solutions for several medium and large-sized companies, he also oversaw all aspects of the business, including sales, implementation, training and support.

His later endeavours in the IT sector allowed him to further develop his hardware and software expertise, to hone his troubleshooting, diagnostics and field support skills, and to become adept at developing tailored IT solutions for hundreds of companies and organizations. In his role as software trainer at ADP, the leading international provider of IT tools to the auto insurance industry, Cary created customized teaching tools that he used to effectively train thousands of customers on a variety of computer-related applications.

As the digital visionary of Summit Media Group, Cary has put his flair for interactive, comprehensive and visually pleasing graphics into high gear. With his competencies in Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML, Java Script and e-commerce, and his passion for exploring the edges of innovation in web design, Cary is well-equipped to help entrepreneurs, companies and organizations promote their ideas and vision through an original and compelling Internet presence.

Sharon is a valued contributor to Career Connection and other Toronto Sun special sections. She’s a skilled writer who can grasp many subjects, and her copy is always clean and interesting to read. Her professionalism and ability to consistently meet deadlines have been greatly appreciated.

Diane Janes - Special Sections Editor
The Toronto Sun

Sharon copy edited my 185-page career guide, Street Smarts for Job Seekers. She was very easy to work with, and was able to help me with my book on my budget. Her thoroughness and attention to detail were invaluable in helping me publish.

Jemimah St. Hilaire - Author
Street Smarts for Job Seekers:
A Down-to-Earth Guide for People Making Life Changes in Turbulent Times

As a contributor to Engineering Dimensions, Sharon writes authoritatively about the engineering profession in Ontario. Her feature stories are well researched, well written, informative, and consistent with our editorial style. I can rely on Sharon to get the story, get it right, and get it in on time. Sharon is also conscientious and keeps me abreast of progress. She has an admirable work ethic.

Joan Bailey - Editor
Engineering Dimensions

More to come soon . . .

Communications solutions that can move mountains

TORONTO, Oct. 18: Like the greatest of climbing expeditions, the trek to the top of the business world can be a long and arduous challenge. In your quest for success, Summit Media Group is well equipped to be the Sherpa that helps you reach your summit. Our customized communications solutions will help you secure a foothold in the rocky terrain of today’s business landscape.

Whether you’re interested in enhancing your publication with current, compelling feature stories, raising your business profile with an engaging, interactive website, or invigorating your corporate PR strategy with fresh web content and effective marketing copy, Summit Media Group can help. Made up of a dynamic network of experienced associates, our mandate is to collaborate with you to develop tailored communications solutions that fulfil your specific business requirements.

Like life itself, www.SummitMediaGroup.com is a work in progress; as we continue to grow and evolve, so, too, will our website. We invite you to visit our website often to find out about our most current projects, our newest services and more.

Sharon Aschaiek and Cary Stein
Summit Media Group
Tel: 416-544-9612 / Fax: 416-544-0788

Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way.
— Dr. Seuss


We’re always looking to expand the Summit Media Group network of associates.
To find out more, contact us at:




Tel: 416-544-9612
Fax: 416-544-0788


Why use a freelance writer/editor?
Progressive companies and organizations know that an innovative, strategic communications campaign is critical to success, but most business owners and executives today lack the time to effectively promote their message.

Why not focus on what you do best – managing your business? A competent freelance writer and/or editor has the experience, qualifications and skills to develop specialized editorial content – on time and on budget – that succinctly defines your business and effectively promotes your vision and services to a targeted audience.

Summit Media Group offers editorial services to:

  • Publishers/managing editors in need of original editorial content.
  • Companies seeking to more effectively advertise their services/products.
  • Organizations wanting to promote their message and objectives to the public.
  • Individuals who need writing and/or editing services to achieve personal goals.

Editorial solutions include:

  • Writing
  • Rewriting
  • Copy editing
  • Ghost writing
  • Proofreading
  • Fact checking
  • Research
  • Project consultation

Projects that we take on include:

  • Features, news stories, columns, how-to stories, personal and business profiles
  • Web content
  • Advertorials
  • Newsletters
  • Marketing and sales letters
  • Media releases
  • Speeches
  • Books
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