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Web Design Solutions

A well-constructed website can dramatically raise your company profile, enhance your reputation and level of professionalism, and potentially catapult your business to incredible heights. At Summit Media Group, we offer our clients access to two specialists: a web designer with the ability to create comprehensive, engaging, visually striking websites; and a writer/editor, who will bring your site to life and capture your target audience with precise, provocative editorial. In addition, our broad network of multimedia affiliates means that clients benefit from a great range of skills and expertise.

Together we will work with you to build a website that captures your company's vision, effectively promotes your services or products to your desired demographic, and gives you an edge in your industry.

  Web Design Portfolio  

Website updates and redesigns

How long have you had the same website? Does it accurately reflect your company's current vision? Is it still helping you achieve your objectives?

The website you first created may be outdated and no longer suitable. As your company or organization grows and changes, so, too, must your online presence in order for you to thrive. Your website should represent your evolving priorities, new services you offer, different projects you take on and your most current corporate image.

We offer a number of multimedia services that can help you maintain a web presence that reflects your company's current goals, its growth and/or its new identity. Once we discuss your needs, we can determine what kind of treatment your site requires: just a few design tweaks and regular text updates, an entire redesign of its image and content, or something in between. Either way, we will work to reinvigorate your website with fresh, relevant text and dynamic, inviting graphics, creating an enhanced Internet presence that more effectively reaches your target audience.


Search Engine Optimization

How hard is your website working for you? Search engine optimization is what makes the difference between a low-visibility website, and one that's found and seen by millions of people. SEO harnesses the power of the Internet to dramatically boost your presence on the web. Using the most innovative SEO techniques, we can propel your website to the top of search engine results, thereby attracting significantly more traffic to your site. More traffic means more exposure to your brand and services, and a potentially enhanced database of customers. Your optimized site is an invaluable marketing tool that puts your identity at the forefront of the web.
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