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Learn how and why a Hosted Solution is right for you.


Hosted Communications improves the way your business communicates on a daily basis. We provide hosted voice and messaging services that enable you to better serve your customers with applications utilizing advanced functionality such as automated voice recognition and text to speech. Our services are easy to configure, fast to deploy and eliminate the need for investments in hardware & software.

Hosted Communications’ goal is to help your business realize its revenue potential through our hosted, on-demand, in & out bound communication services. Whether your need is to distribute inbound calls to agents across multiple time zones, deliver messages quickly to a large groups of people or manage fax & voice messages as a service repository, Hosted Communications’ services have proven their value with businesses large & small.

At Hosted Communications, we focus on applying our technology to your communications challenges to create reliable, scalable, cost-effective hosted solutions that enhance the way you communicate with your customers and business partners.

Inbound & Outbound Call Management

The unique architecture of Hosted Communications’ Virtual Call Centre maximizes outbound calling efficiency by only passing ‘live’ connections back to the contact centre. Agents can be automatically briefed with details about the contact thereby greeting them personally with no ‘dead-air’.

Imagine; no inbound busy signals, on-demand system redundancy, being able to address planned or unplanned call volume spikes on a pay-for-use basis and imagine that you don’t need to invest in proprietary hardware, software or specialized human resources. You can stop imagining and call us.

Few organizations can afford systems and personnel that sit idle for a good portion of each day. Conversely, if customers can not contact your organization due to a lack of system capacity or a catastrophe, your business will suffer. Virtual Contact Centre increases the efficiency of handling inbound calls, matches capacity to volume and provides business continuity redundancy without investing in hardware, software and facilities or creating the need for additional human resources. Increase utilization & efficiency of call centre employees and resources:

  • improve call routing based on agent skills, time of day, employee availability, caller origin and other priorities
  • decentralize operations through the use of remote agents. Address unpredictable call volumes without having to overinvest in infrastructure or lose revenue opportunities due to inadequate capacity
  • no equipment costs, no maintenance expenses, no license fees and virtually unlimited capacity on demand - pay for what you use.
Message Broadcasting

Hosted Communications’ Enhanced Messaging Application (EMA) takes message broadcasting beyond a simple outbound application and turns it into a two-way interactive tool so that whether you are conducting customer service, sales or emergency notification initiatives, message recipients can connect with your organization at the press of a button.

And that’s not all. Hosted Communications can deliver, high capacity inbound information service, inbound fax manager service, voice, web and video conferencing solutions as well as a hosted e-mail broadcast solution.

For more information please call our toll free number
1 877 5-HOSTED (1 877 546-7833)