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Tenax Implant System

The Tenax Dental Implant System™ is a revolutionary new preppable dental implant designed and manufactured in Canada. The system boasts several unique features including:

  • one piece, one surgery design
  • porous coated surface
  • cemented, retrievable abutments

Where is the microgap in the Tenax Dental Implant System™?
With the Tenax Dental Implant System™ the microgap, which always contains micro-organisms and often pathogenic ones, is at the gingival level. In non-aesthetic areas it can be kept supragingival and thus easily accessible to hygiene procedures. With two stage systems the microgap is at the crestal level.

How do you ensure good esthetic results in critical areas with your one-piece, one-surgery design?
With the Tenax Dental Implant System™ the exact placement of the crown margins is entirely within clinician control, exactly as with a regular crown preparation.

The Philosophy behind the Tenax Dental Implant System™
The Tenax Implant Inc. corporate vision is to be the world's leading provider of a efficient, effective and affordable implant system. This vision has already become a reality for many dentists. The foundation of the philosophy supporting this vision rests on three solid concepts:

  1. Most implant treatment, surgery and prosthetics, should be done in the general practitioner's office. With the principles of osseointegration now firmly in place, the research-driven implant designs with complex fixed/retrievable prostheses are no longer needed. With the Tenax Dental Implant System™, most patients can be treated in GP offices.GP's who do flap surgery are only one brief hands-on course away from incorporating complete implant treatment into their practices using the Tenax Dental Implant System™. (See the Course Info page.)
  2. To bring implant treatment into a private practice routine, the system used needs fewer parts and fewer steps. With the fewest parts and the fewest steps of any system today, the Tenax Dental Implant System™ meets this objective squarely.
  3. Implant design should allow one-surgery with no microgap at the crestal level. Patients should never need "second-stage uncovery surgery". Implant design should also allow for early restoration. With a surface that allows three-dimensional interlocking with bone, the highest tolerance to micromovement and the shortest healing times (all documented), the Tenax Dental Implant System™ is better suited to meet these objectives than any other implant system to date.


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